We need to rethink now:

We need to stop destroying existing buildings with new replacement buildings now.

We need to address the gray energy contained in buildings now.

W e need to stop constructing new buildings made entirely of new building materials now.

We must now use all inventive power, all creative energy to stop the current waste of raw materials on the one hand and the increase in landfill volume on the other hand!

Since the introduction of the Energy Law in 1984, we have concentrated all our energy on reducing the operating energy of new buildings. And we have been so successful in this that we can build passive houses that no longer require any additional energy – while in use.

But no one has ever asked about the energy needed to create these passive houses. Now we need the same revolution in the creation of new buildings, and this in half the time!

The sooner we start, the greater the chances that we can still save our civilization through climate change.


Introduction to the book „Bauteile Wiederverwenden“ (2021), Barbara Buser.